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To enhance disease resistance and maximise protection in L. Vannamei shrimp against a variety of vibrio species including luminescent vibrio. De Vir-O-Sec is a safe, easy to use emulsion type medicine that is effective against all vibro species.
De Vir-O-Sec is excellent quality Herbal Vibrio-Static, Antiviral, immune-stimulant for Aquaculture. Vibriosis is the principal bacterial disease in shrimp causing shell diseases and localized infection of septicemia. Hepatopancrease of the shrimp is reported to be the main target organ of the most bacterial pathogens. This indict that the proliferation of the pathogen occurs in the HP which eventually seize control of digestive tract produces pathological symptoms in the shrimp host. De Vir-O-Sec attacks proteins of the harmful microorganisms; this adversely impacts on their reproductive and metabolic processes and arrests the spread of contamination.

Silent Features of De-Vir-O-Sec

  • De Vir-O-Sec controls loose shell in shrimp.
  • De Vir-O-Sec contains 100% herbal extracts.
  • De Vir-O-Sec effectively controls viruses.
  • De Vir-O-Sec enhances immunity of shrimp.
  • Effective against IHHNV, YHV, TSV, IMNV and WSSV.
Combination of essential herbal extracts.
Mode of Application Mix thoroughly in 50 litres of clean water and apply uniformly through out the pond
Dosage Preventive: 1Ltr Per/Acre / once in 15 Days
Curative: 1-2 Ltr Per/Acre / Week
As per the recommendations of Aqua consultant.
Packing 1 Ltr HDPE Bottle
Storage and Handling Do not freeze. Optimum temperature for storage in 35°C or below. Avoid direct sunlight.


  • Apply between 08:00-10:00 AM.
  • Aerators should be turned on during the application to Shrimp/Fish Farms.
  • Store at Room Temp [30 Degrees Centigrade]