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It is pure in nature, safe, non-toxic, non-chemical and has no side effects and residue, Bacillus Laterosporus is a non-toxic, non-pathogenic, human-friendly strain of spore forming bacteria believed by some to utilize candida organisms for food. The naturally occurring spores of Bacillus Laterosporus survive in the stomach, bloom in the intestines, and have been demonstrated "in-vitro" to have a curbing effect on candida growth. Introduction of Bacillus Laterosporus to an established "in-vitro" candida albicans culture has been shown to have 96%+ less candida at the end of seven days than in controls without the bacteria.

Silent Features of Soil-Care:

  • Adjusts and repairs Soil pH
  • Improves bioavailability of the Nutrients available in the soil
  • Improves Taste, Size, Color and Quantity of the yield
  • Improves the water retention capacity of the soil
  • Prevents diseases that infect through soil and pest
  • Reduces the need of chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Stimulates growth potential of the crop


  • Able to control certain nematodes.
  • Accelerates the photosynthesis.
  • Fixes Nitrogen
  • Helps guard against unfriendly bacteria that produce toxins and cause diseases.
  • Improves digestion by breaking down the fertilizers, and assists in the elimination of toxins
  • Possesses the ability to maintain the hydrogen ion concentration within the alkaline range by releasing carbonates etc.
  • Stimulates the immune system to produce more antibodies that fight pathogenic bacteria and viruses

  • Bacillus Laterosporus
  • TVC: ≥ 2Billion / gram.
Mode of Application
Dosage 1 Kg / Acre / 2 times for Crop
100gms / Plant / 2 times for Crop
Packing Packing will be as per your requirement.
Storage and Handling Do not freeze. Optimum temperature for storage in 35°C or below. Avoid direct sunlight.


  • Three hundred grams per hectare is recommended in soil while preparing the soil. (Increased dosage or frequency is recommended in diseases or abiotic stress)
  • Can be used directly in Drip/Sprinklers.
  • Can also be used in hydroponics applications for increased production.


  • Should not be mixed with any germicides. Application should be done 5 days before and after using the product “Soilcare”.)
  • The effective ingredients dissolve with water immediately, the material of suspended and insoluble as the carrier does not affect the results of application.