Oxy Tab

Oxy Tab
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Oxy Tab is a combination of sodium percarbonate and calcium peroxide which is used extensively for aqua culture throughout the world. Oxy Tab increases the level of dissolved oxygen (DO) and potentiates the water treatment. Dissolved oxygen is essential to meet the demand of oxygen in the pond especially in over loaded ponds. For respiration of the cultured aquatic animals (prawns/fish). For the growth of aerobic bacteria which decomposes the harmful organic load.

Silent Features of Oxy Tab

  • Increases the dissolved oxygen levels in the pond.
  • Liberates effective oxygen at 1,00,000 ml/kg of CaCo2.
  • The bi-product ca(oH)2 increases the alkalinity.
  • Prevents the formation of the highly toxic gases like ammonia, sulphur di-oxide and methane etc.
  • Reduces the frequency of water exchange.
  • Will not react with other chemicals which are commonly used in aqua culture.

Combination of sodium percarbonate and calcium peroxide

Mode of Application Apply uniformly all over the pond
Dosage 1 Kg/ Acre or As per the recommendations of Aqua consultant.
Packing 1 Kg HDPE TIN / 10/20 Kgs HDPE Buckets
Storage and Handling Do not freeze. Optimum temperature for storage in 35°C or below. Avoid direct sunlight.