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ODO-SAN is a water sanitizer helps in controlling the viral, bacterial, fungal and other parasite loads in the water . ODO-SAN helps in inducing molting in shrimps and Prawns

Silent Features of ODO-SAN

  • Kills bacteria including legionella, viruses, algae, fungi and fungal spores.
  • Breaks down to water and oxygen, eliminating toxic products.
  • Fast acting bactericide, fungicide and virustat.
  • Prevents water-borne bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Continues to disinfect after application.
  • Completely friendly to the environment.

Composition Contains

  • Glutaradehyde 10%
  • BKC 10%
  • Formoline 15%
  • Malachite Green 3%
  • Dispersible Reagent Base V/W
Mode of Application: Mix thoroughly in 50 litres of clean water in the day time and spread all over the pond uniformly
Dosage 1Ltr Per Acre or as advised by Aqua technician
Packing 5 Ltrs HDPE TINS
Storage and Handling Do not freeze. Optimum temperature for storage in 35°C or below. Avoid direct sunlight.


  • Avoid direct contact of concentrated solution with skin, eyes and clothing. Flush immediately with clean water if contacted.
  • Apply between 08:00-10:00 AM.
  • Aerators should be turned on during the application to Shrimp/Fish Farms.
  • Store at Room Temp [30 Degrees Centigrade]