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De Nitro-Free is a preventive and treatment for the control of Nitrates in fresh and marine water fishes and prawns. The product is a unique combination of herbal mix and contains other natural compounds to control nitrates.

Silent Features of DE NITRO-FREE

  • Highly Concentrated Formula.
  • Broad Spectrum Action.
  • Decomposes Sludge.
  • Effective under wide range of conditions.
  • Reducing Mortalities.

An unique combination of herbal extracts and organic compounds

Mode of Application Mix with sand and apply uniformly all over the pond
Dosage 500Gms Per Acre or as advised by Aqua technician.
Packing 500 Gms HDPE TIN
Storage and Handling Do not freeze. Optimum temperature for storage in 35°C or below. Avoid direct sunlight.


  • Avoid direct contact of concentrated solution with skin, eyes and clothing. Flush immediately with clean water if contacted.