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BACTO-CARE is a combination of Selective multi-strains of eco-friendly microbes to condition water and soil by bio-remediation without distributing the pond ecology.

Silent Features of BACTO-CARE:

  • Removes Organic load of pond bottom and reduces the pollution of the pond.
  • Suppresses the harmful pathogenic bacterial loads by competitive exclusion and reduces the incidence of infections.
  • Inhibit vibrio & other pathogenic bacteria and reduces bacterial toxins in the pond.
  • Maintains clean water with a healthy plankton bloom.
  • Improves the oxygen dissolving capacities of the pond.
  • Reduces the frequency of water exchange.
  • Reduces ammonia levels.
  • Yucca
  • Probiotics
  • Enzymes
Mode of Application The best time for introducing microbes of Bacto-Care into the pond Ecosystem in the early morning.
Mix with sand and apply uniformly all over the pond
Dosage 500gms/Acre/Week or As advised by Aqua technician
Packing 1 Kg Sliver Pouch
Storage and Handling Do not freeze. Optimum temperature for storage in 35°C or below. Avoid direct sunlight.